256 New Homes Increase In Wembley Park Build to Rent

Developer Regal London with architects JTP has submitted revised plans for 256 more homes near Wembley Stadium, which seeks to replace the consented scheme approved in December 2020 drawn up by AHMM.

The scheme sits within the Wembley Opportunity Area which promotes density around Wembley Stadium, but no higher than the top of the iconic arc completed in 2006. The proposed site is located close to Wembley Park underground station which is served by the Metropolitan and Jubilee Line, the latter ran throughout the night during the initial version of the Night Tube which was shelved thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. The consented scheme as well as the proposed scheme seeks to open up public access to the Wealdstone Brook.

The location of the site is outlined in red, looking southwest towards Wembley Stadium. Image credit JTP

The arrival of the British Empire Exhibition in 1924-25, introduced a formal character to the area with strong north to south axis linking Wembley Park tube station to the original Wembley Stadium to the south. The scheme which is being proposed as The Waterside roughly sits where a full-scale replica of a working coal mine was exhibited during the exhibition when it took place nearly a century ago. The replica itself stood at 45ft tall and featured a stretch below ground featuring a brick-lined access shaft and an air shaft to which visitors could inspect a full-size colliery with its pit headgear and various ancillary services.

The site is broadly rectangular, aside from the northern perimeter which follows the boundary of the Wealdstone Brook, and a small access alleyway that connects to Fourth Way. The site covers a land area of 1.29 hectares, which currently hosts a large detached warehouse building which offices and associated parking space. Currently used temporarily for use as a filming / TV production and then no permanent tenant in place thereafter.

The previous scheme which was approved earlier year has planning consent for 493 residential units for private sale. The scheme ranges from 11 to 21 floors with the reprovision of industrial land uses to make up for what could be lost through demolition. This recently approved scheme could deliver an additional 256 new residential units to 759 which are classed as the burgeoning Build to Rent sector. The sector is seeking to deliver higher quality and professionally managed alternatives than what is currently offered through Buy to Let rentals.

Proposed scheme within the immediate context of secondary industrial units, image credit JTP.

The proposed scheme will deliver five new buildings named Block A to E ranging from 11 to 23 floors. Alongside the significant uplift in residential units also delivers 1,825m2 of workspace and storage space, 391m2 and 879m2 of the new retail and retail workspace will be delivered within the scheme if built out.

As with the proposed scheme by the previous development team, 4,066m2 of public amenity, with a particular focus along the Wealdstone Brook which is currently closed off to the general public. As the brook is managed by the environmental agency, access to the brook is required to enable them to undertake their work. Consequently, the buildings are positioned at least 10 meters for future access to carry out their maintenance.

As in line with the London Plan, the scheme will be car-free with only blue badge parking provided on-site, with the exception provided to blue badge parking, which will be provided under the western podium at the first-floor level. The scheme also proposes an extensive cycling offering with 1,263 long-stay residential cycle storage will be available and 20 short stay spaces with an additional 9 long-stay non-residential spaces and 14 short stay cycle storage spaces for the wider development.

Proposed replacement typologies for the ground floor of The Waterside, Image credit JTP.

The scheme was submitted this month is expected to be decided at the turn of 2021/22, with construction expected to commence in 2022/23 with a completion in 2027.