Illustrative masterplan, image credit LendLease

6,407 new home mixed-use masterplan set for Silvertown

Plans have been registered with the London Borough of Newham for revised plans for the 50-acre site in Silvertown.

This site which includes the listed Millennium Mills is the largest brownfield site in the Royal Docks, it has been subject to numerous failed attempts of development over the past 30 years.

The detailed component of plans submitted in December seeks full planning permission for a mixed-use development comprising residential-led Plots 1, 1D, 2D, 6, 7, and 8 which contain a total of 1,248 new homes. This is in addition to commercial plots of which Plots 2A and 2B comprise the refurbishment and extension of Millennium Mills)

Millennium Mills, which will be refurbished as part of the master plan. Constructing London – April 2022

Alongside this plans also include some dock infill works to Pontoon Dock and a new foot and cycle bridge across, Royal Victoria Dock, to improve upon the existing Royal Victoria Dock Footbridge towards the Excel Centre and Custom House transport interchange.

If approved, this will supersede the consent summer 2016 proposals that have yet to materialise which notably include a so-called “Brand Use”, whereby people would experience a product notably larger white goods in a tarted-up showroom setting and then purchase them online for home delivery.

The proposal of in excess of 6,500 new homes represents an increase of 115% when compared to the 2016 consent of 3,000.

Within the affordable housing mix, this if approved would rise the current 945 in the 2016 consent to 2,923 an increase of around 208%, of which would be 60% for London Affordable Rent and the remaining 40% for Shared Ownership.

Another significant change with this scheme is the notable increase in larger 3-bedroom homes. The proposed versus the consented plans intend to increase the number of larger homes by 707 affordable homes (an uplift of 305%).

Within this 797 will be for London Affordable Rent, offers to which will be determined by Newham housing officers, The applicant LendLease has partnered with the housing association, The Guinness Partnership to own and operate those income-restricted homes.

Range of proposed housing types within the masterplan, image credit Prior + Partners