Citiscape House - 2015
Image credit, google maps streetview

Croydon Flats set for redevelopment after just 20 years

Citiscape House which was completed in 2003 by developer Barratt was implicated in the ACM cladding scandal.

This will now see the whole development containing 69 flats, being demolished and replaced by a denser scheme by the same developer.

Following the discovery that the early noughties scheme was clad in the flammable Grenfell style cladding, the cladding was removed in 2019.

News of which causes uproar with the worrying prospect that innocent leaseholders would be liable for £31,300 per individual flat, news of which forced the original developer to acquire the remaining leaseholds.

Once the flammable began to be removed a series of structural weaknesses, then became apparent to which residents were subsequently relocated to other Barratt developments.

Image credit, Barratt London.

Since then all existing leaseholders have been moved on to other properties, which has led Barratt to begin to consult the public on a redevelopment scheme on Saturday 30th and Tuesday 2nd November.

Barratt has appointed architects Pollard Thomas Edwards to produce new proposals for a taller scheme rising from the current 13 to a proposed 18 floors, with new outdoor amenity space for residents and reduced car parking down from the current 70+ spaces to less than 10 solely for blue badge holders.

Whilst it seeks to provide 129 new homes, the affordable housing mix is yet to be ascertained however it is suspect that this will be in line with the Mayor of London’s 35% affordable housing minimum.

Urban greening is proposed along with Frith and Keeley Road with the new scheme being designed in a manner to promote car-free lifestyles alongside, including provision for the eventual redevelopment of Keeley House with an emphasis on a re-provision of a children’s day nursery on the ground floor.

The scheme takes its architectural inspiration from the proximity of two low-rise brick-dominated conservation areas, whilst also acknowledging the presence of taller post-war towers nearby as the upper height limit for this new scheme.

It is the developer’s intention to submit a full planning application for the whole scheme by the end of the year to Croydon Council, with demolition works getting commencing in late 2022 assuming planning consent early next year.